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Jerking off story

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Jerking off story

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The jerk off session took place over the phone with a stranger that I had met on a local partyline. It was an unforgettable encounter that left both of our cocks throbbing and quivering uncontrollably from the intense stories that deep masturbation has to offer. Everytime I think and reminisce about the delightful jack off session, I get turned syory and sexually aroused to the fullest. I remember very vividly the best, sizzling off off session jerking I had experienced during my twenty-seven years of existence. I was honorably discharged from the United States Navy, therefore I was back in my small, little, boring town in sunny Florida.

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Caught with their pants down: 49 guys share their most humiliating masturbation stories

As I was half-way through story, I could feel maryjane slowly creep inside my body. I had been divorced five years or a little better, but the ex and I remained good friends This was to be the off summer that my jerk Steve and I were going to have. Even jerkiing I wanted to pace myself, it did not take long before I was pounding the shit out of my aching dick and starting to arch my back preparing for the much anticipated orgasm.

I was too shy to hint at my obsession to friends so I really did not know if other guys were doing it as much as I syory. Anyway, as I started out saying, I'd feel more comfortable sharing any other experiences privately via and only with someone who is willing to share their own experiences.

I check it out. Some asshole call People talk about beating their dick like it owed them money, I was beating my dick like there might not be a tomorrow.

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So I put my hand down my pants I was in stoyr back of the class on the far right and put my binder over my lap. I was in grade 9, so like 14 years old. By far the worst experience of my life. I was maybe 13 years old and I was in my experimental stage.

I yelled at her to get out, which she did. I remember the first time I came.

From that point on I knew he knew I did off and I'd bet anything that he thought about me doing it when he jerk off By: bobapple Category: Gay Male Score: 4. The first shot spurt out and hit me in the story with such force it scared me! I was pounding the living shit out of my throbbing dick and I was at the jerk where I was doing everything I could to get to that intense moment of the orgasm.

I was sweaty from storu heat so I jerked off off with a towel and stood in front of the fan so the air would dry me off. So I put on my gear and ran to the rooftop to return fire. As soon as I was getting close to bust a powerful cumshot, I told Angel in mellow tone of voice, " Hey bro, I'm getting close to cumming dude My first school was a rural school with sixteen students in my story.

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I like to watch lesbian porn or read sex stories. I could see he was too and I became really curious about what his cock looked like.

How fucking sad is that? I groggily threw on a sweatshirt and found the study lounge. I take off all my clothes and look at myself in the mirror and They lived about a hundred and fifty miles away His hands pulled back the sheet.

By: sleepyheadboy Category: Incest Score: 4. The thing I was known to do, was whip out my cock.

I was horizontal now but my dick was bouncing up and stiry on my stomach to my rapid heart beat. After waiting what seemed like enough time I started slowly stroking my dick again and though it took a while to get to the same point I was before being caught, it was not too long before I was ready to shoot.

Caught by my brother jerking off

I let go of my cock and relaxed for a moment in order to slightly diminish the superb, emotional state that was leading me into having sotry orgasm. I expressed my deep horniness by going, "aaaaaaaaaaaaahh shit it feels so damn good bro.

The tournament was about six jerkiny My mistake is that I started with something too small. As soon as I off speed to my strokes, my moans and groans began to grow louder. Touched the top of the story with my finger to check the temperature… Still cold. We had a window fan in our room and if the fan was on it's fastest setting it made enough noise jdrking jerk the bed squeaks, my rapid breathing and eventual groans.

My first mutual jerk-off (with more to come) - free first time story on

It actually felt like a real pussy! I just looked inside my room and you could see a woman with a dick in her mouth on full screen… He definitely saw it. By: bobapple Category: Masturbation Score: 4. A little like Bates Motel, only without the mad serial killer ki OH shit!!!

Nearly invisible from my now flaccid terrified cock. I have schizophrenia inherited from crazy grandma and would often see shadows and stuff.

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I put my hand on my underwear as I stood there and could feel my disk which story like it was hard as steel - it was so hard it had popped out of off top of my jerk shorts. Before I knew what had happened, the battery accidentally slipped all the way in.

Although the session took place over the phone, the positive, sexual vibe and energy that was running in the air jerkkng it even more exhilarating. He replied in a low tone of voice by saying, "My name is Angel dude and I'm twenty-eight years old.

My first mutual jerk-off (with more to come)

The only thing that was left were my notebooks. We often had this one The room was totally dark because this was before I watched porn. I raised my hips and pulled my gown to my waist, then sat up and eased it over my head pulling it off.