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How i fucked my sister

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How i fucked my sister

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Sometimes she would be awake all night with a headache. The doctors finally prescribed a sedative that was guaranteed to let her get some rest. The first time mom took fuckev pill for one of her headaches she sleep the entire night. She woke the next morning rested with no memory of suffering from a headache. From then on when she felt a headache coming on she would take a pill and wake the next morning rested. Mom had taken a pill and gone to bed an hour and a half earlier.

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I waited until then figured I would try an experiment with mom.

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I want to…. I cupped her ass and slid my thumb into her pussy. I knew they had a copy of the Pharmacists Drug handbook. I crushed up one of the pills really fine so I could mix in with the float and hid it in one of the cupboards, then to keep occupied I went in to watch TV while I waited. She would walk by and catch me working on my cock.

She's amazing at sucking cock that's for sure. I pulled it out a bit and laid the recorder on the floor behind the couch and connected a remote mic I had. Finally one night my parents fucked out saying they be back late Cal told him to get some beer out of the fridge, which he did. I was frustrated and horny from not cumming when how fucked so I let him finger me. I grabbed suster small tape recorder I had, put in an extended length tape, ran back to the livingroom and looked around for a good place to hide it.

The next morning I waited until mom was making breakfast, sister I slipped into her room and found her bottle of pills.

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The couch had an afghan thrown over the back so I hid the mic under it. But I also knew this was the only way I was going to find out whether she had the side effects of the pill. When I came I felt her pussy squeezing my cock as I did. I went into the house and began to think of how I was going to get Jean to take the pill.

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Neither Jean nor I really wanted to so mom said we could stay at home. After a few minutes of thought I decided that I also wanted to taste her pussy, so a 69 would be in order. I put the video on and take off my pants and start working on my cock,what seemed like a fucking eternity waiting for her to come up finally happened. Jean was already there curled up on one end of the fuc,ed.

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I've been soooo horny for you it's making me crazy! Before long she let out a long groan and I felt her pussy twitching as she climaxed. That's the next part I pulled the blankets over her and left.

I put my finger on her clit and rubbed it while I fucked her slowly. It was awesome!

If I used it right I might not have to get her to take the pills. I had snuck into her room a few months before intent on checking out what kind of underwear she had and maybe use one to jack off fucoed and found her diary buried under her panties. I shook her even harder and was almost yelling her name. Are you fucking kidding me? When I heard that I said I needed to get dressed before he got there, but Cal said not to worry about it that we would stay under the blanket.

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She would catch me masturbating or naked and she would do the same for me but still no fucking contact which made me nuts. I was 15 years old and began my plan on how to fuck her. I just wrapped my hand around it and began to jack him off. She stood there in her bath robe looking back and forth between me and the tv She moaned and thrust her hips down onto my mouth as I ate her. I'd get naked on sistre bed and start to jerk off. Fucking one brother should be simple.

Ssister belly buttons? It was his friend Jason.

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She seemed to know just what I wanted, because she threw her leg over me and scooted back until her pussy was right over my face. The basement door was right where the tv room is meaning she would have to walk by me to go upstairs. Although Rohypnol is a depressant, it may produce excitability, talkativeness, or hyper sexual behavior. sidter

I continue to say " if one of us has a problem or needs something that the other sibling can help with. I knew if this backfired, if mom remembered any of it I was going to be in deep trouble. Sometimes sisfer would be awake all night with a headache. Luckily she had just refilled it so it was full.

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I started by leaving my bedroom door open just enough to see in. To my delight every word I had said came out crystal clear. I felt Jason pull his cock out of my hand and I opened my eyes to see him fuckeed his pants off.

It seemed like forever before Jean got home at AM. He begged me and kept fingering my pussy and before I knew it I had let him pull the blanket howw so Jason could see both my breasts. When he pulled out I was a little startled to See Cal step between my legs, ready to fuck me. The doctors finally prescribed a sedative that was guaranteed to let her get some rest.