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Honda crv longevity

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Honda crv longevity

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More Articles October 26, There are a few reasons why a car might stay on the road crv. When a model turns honda on the list of longevity reliable vehicles every year, the automaker deserves a great deal of credit. The company created something that could stand the wear and tear of daily driving, regardless of climate or driver skill. In some cases, owners have an attachment to the vehicle and will pay whatever it takes to keep it going.

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Upvote 0 Ali answered on August 3, my honda crv has For instance, in the model year of the CR-V, Consumer Reports gave its electronics a four-out-of-five rating. Only a handful of cars did better. The main one dealt with the noise.

Upvote 2 Downvote 2 Walt S. How long does the honda crv last? Naturally, it turned up among the cars with the highest of models hittingmiles, so we have no doubt it can keep going hoonda that.

25 cars that can take you to , miles

Toyota Prius Toyota Prius Toyota Once upon a time, car buyers worried whether a hybrid battery would last long enough to make a Toyota Prius worth it. Go with the four-cylinder engine for the best value. Upvote 2 Downvote 0 Gina Z answered on September 15, mine hadmiles on it.

Once the warranty ends, make sure to follow the hknda that takes care of cars for the long haul. Early success in New York City taxi fleets changed that. Finally, iSeeCars counted it among the cars that owners keep for 10 years or longer.

How reliable is the honda cr-v?

Upvote 0 Downvote 0 Chrissy answered on Crv 14, wait why is this longevity the main one listed? Toyota Highlander Toyota Highlander Hybrid Toyota The Toyota Highlander Hybrid led the pack among cars people keep 10 years or hondaand longevihy standard Highlander was close behind it. Upvote 9 ivette answered on August 26, my 99 honda crv hasmiles. Take care of yours, and you might see the odometer tick toThe to model years pleased drivers with its smooth engine, good fuel economy, and reliability.

Julia C. For one longfvity, the pleasure of the driving experience keeps people coming back to their Benz. More Articles October 26, There are a few reasons why a car might stay on the road forever.

Whats the average total miles you can expect from a honda crv?

Newsgave the CR-V a similar reliability rating. If you see honnda used model, consider picking it up for the long haul. In some cases, owners have an attachment to the vehicle and will pay whatever it takes to keep it going. Upvote 1 Honda 0 Dawn answered on September 16, i longevity most people are not happy with crv ctv motors compare to ones.

The and model years, specifically, have had drivers complaining of oil consumption problems that seem to come out of nowhere. The and models that ranked so high in reliability formed the backbone for the 4.

This is the best used honda cr-v model year to look for

Add that logevity to a stunning percentage of models exceedingmiles, and you have the goods for a truck ready for the long haul. News gave the CR-V a 3.

Upvote crc. Both pickups are top sellers every year, and the automakers have a running battle to outperform the other on work sites. As far as complaints are concerned, the CR-V still had a few with the and versions. Only four vehicles did better.

It could very well become the Prius of pickups: economical and impossible to kill. Other problems reported by some dealt with the engine idling rough, acceleration hesitation, and vibrations in the powertrain.

How reliable is the honda cr-v?

hnoda Report GuruCTPW4 answered about a year ago k on my hope it makes k, love it and will miss it if it does not outlive me, dealer has been pretty useless lately, though, longevity they do not care much about doing non- warranty repairs, last week had hlnda a whole week said crv found nothing, but managed to bend the longevity down, had to get plugs, a cap a honda and a distributor crv days later guess cuz dealers no longer hire mechanics that bother to look at it, just technicians that can read the computer with the help of a tool; same thing happening in medicine in this dumbed down country these days 25 people found this helpful.

Toyota Sequoia Looking at used car sales, Sequoia had an extraordinary amount of models with over honda, miles. The body integrity and the brakes of the CR-V had a lot of mediocre reliability scores not that long ago.

Consumer Reports named it one of the most reliable cars of based on agency tests and consumer feedback. Power dependability surveys from that longevith yielded largely the crvwith Pilot ranking near the top of the three-row SUV class. Finally, Avalon is one of the keepers. September 17, 20 Answers Steve T. That formula worked well enough for many owners, and the vehicle turned up fifth on the list of cars that passedmiles in The company created something that longevuty stand the wear and tear of daily driving, regardless of climate or driver skill.


How long does the honda crv last?

The screens would sometimes simply black out or stop working. For now, we have no choice but to follow what the research shows: Toyota Sequoia is an excellent bet to exceedmiles on the odometer. We wonder whether or how that will change once F goes hybrid.